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Introducing the child with a caring and nurturing family are important key elements to begin creating the utmost environment. The  contributing factors towards the child's well being, are health, wellness, and financial stable.  The person(s) head of the household (Two-Parents, Single Parents, Step-Parents, Foster and Extended – Grand Parents, Aunts, Uncles) would help promote the knowledge by modeling and teaching their child about socialization within the environment.  Based on the Bioecological Model at least one adult should be devoted to his or her welfare (Bronfenbrenner, 2001). Either caregiver will have the responsibility to take care of the child's well-being from birth on from taking them to the doctor when they get sick, purchase clothing, food, school supplies, and simply any other necessities. To also be available when the child may have questions, get scared, or having a bad day. Being portrayed as an active role model in a child’s life will help shape and mold them into who they will become later in life. As for educators, having an open communication with parents is important based on performance at school.

The cultural aspect of a family will determine how and what the child's belief will be based on their traditional upbringing.  Being in a society that will be viewed differently should not be considered as a setback but as to how everyone can become educated in adapting to it.  There should be no need of having a choice between one or the other but to balance both teachings to keep the prior language, as well as learning another. And when it comes to education, learning styles due to diversity in language so methods of teaching will have to be constructive to attainable to meet the students needs. It is a diverse population so the not only teachers but students can do research to learn about others homelife and their society. And may learn that we are not so different after all, and share likes and dislikes about foods, music, and clothing.




Community is the foundation where the child learns about communicating with neighbors, interaction with other children and developing social skills. They do this by participating in sports during school or after. They become familiar with their surroundings and can identify what is around them. And sometimes it may not seem to be perfect at times and there tends to be mixed emotions. It may be due to social economic status that the level of happiness would become concerning due to limited finances, entering rough times, would be problematic, for the child's well being and family. The selection of sending their child to a good school would be based on the level of income. And the child would enter in the school system with limited resources so their academic learning would not be up to standard and would need intervention. 





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